History: Mt. Zion

On December 20, 1947, Russell and Gertrude Heavener conveyed a parcel of land and deeded approximately 1.25 acres for the purpose of constructing a new church.  Construction of a new Mt Zion Methodist Church began on March 29, 1949, when a few volunteer workmen started work on the footers.

Interest spread so rapidly that on April 17, 1949, just a little more than two weeks later, the cornerstone was laid, thus marking the completion of the basement wall. On May 1, three hired carpenters, assisted by a number of volunteer workmen, began construction of the building proper. Lumber for the church was donated by families in the community.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1949, Rev. Samuel O. Parsons held the first service in the new Mt Zion Methodist Church of Deer Run.

According to the conference journals, the cost of the building was $30,150, not including the furnishings, which were donated by members of the community.

In 2003, Mt Zion-Franklin Main Street- Walnut Street Charge name was changed to Mountaintop Ministries.

In 1842, a church was erected on a lot that was conveyed by John Lough to five trustees. This building stood east of the highway and opposite the site of the present church, it was known as the Zion Church. Fire destroyed the Zion Church in 1871.

On April 13, 1880, a deed was made by George Amos and Mary E Lough, conveying a parcel of land to trustees of the Mt Zion Methodist Episcopal Church South.